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"These hymns have brought cheer in the day of trial; comfort in the time of bereavement; encouragement to live a life of greater devotion to Christ; rebuke to our coldness and oft backslidings; stimulus to enter and continue in sacrificial service for our blessed Lord and Master; and inspiration and guidance in our adoring worship and praise to the Father, through the Son, and in the power of the Holy Spirit!"
- Alfred Gibbs (from 'Hymns: Their Use and Abuse')

Note: The names for tunes indicated are not their formal designations.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Christ is the Saviour of sinners

(First line: Christ is the Saviour of sinners)

Christ Jurus'lamat pendosa,
Christ Jurus'lamat 'tuk ku,
Lama ku dib'lenggu dosa,
Kini ku telah bebas.

Jurus'lamat ku,
Jurus'lamat pendosa,
Tumpah darah tebusan Nya,
Christ Jurus'lamat 'tuk ku.

Dalam dosa Dia t'rima ku,
Ma'u dari murka lari,
Kini dah tiada hukuman,
Christ Jurus'lamat 'tuk ku.

Boleh ku kata diampun,
Girang, ada-benar, bebas,
Dis'lamatkan Penebus ku,
Christ Jurus'lamat 'tuk ku.

Akan kemuliaan muncul,
Muka Nya 'kan ku lihat,
Nyanyilah jiwa girang ku,
I-ni Jurus'lamat ku.

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